Changsha Pengju Robot is a professional engaged in second-hand welding robot, Kuka robot, Fanuc robot, cover beam bone welding robot, machine tool loading and unloading robot, handling and palleting robot, Yaskawa robot, spraying robot, engraving robot, spot welding robot, robot installation and debugging after-sales maintenance, industrial robot leasing wholesale manufacturers, Products sell well in Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Shenzhen, Foshan, Changchun and other parts of the country

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Focus on create value for our clients


Committed to provide competitive products and services

Changsha Pengju Robot Co., Ltd.

Automatic Line Integration

Operating four international brands of second-hand robots: Germany Kuka, Japan Yaskawa, Japan Fanuc, Switzerland ABB

Changsha Pengju Robot Co., Ltd.

Robotic Technology Training

Professional technical engineers provide one-to-one system training, hardware training and maintenance training

Changsha Pengju Robot Co., Ltd.

Installation & Commissioning

Professional technical engineers on site for installation, commissioning, and testing so that the product process achieves the best results and the project can run normally into production

Changsha Pengju Robot Co., Ltd.

Parts Sales

Germany Kuka, Japan Yaskawa, Japan Fanuc, Switzerland ABB robot spare parts complete

Changsha Pengju Robot Co., Ltd.

Solution Design

Committed to automatic project integration, intelligent production line transformation, design and provide overall system solutions. Using 3D technology to needle second-hand industrial robots to meet the needs of various industries.

Changsha Pengju Robot Co., Ltd.

Robot Rental

Professional technical engineers on-site installation, debugging, testing, so that the product process to achieve the best, so that the project can be put into production.


Main business:Second-hand industrial robot, crankshaft grinding, connecting rod deburring, industrial robot, weld grinding, robot palletizing, robot welding, robot painting, robot loading and unloading, casting grinding, carving robot, welding robot, spot welding robot, cutting robot, etc. It mainly serves the industrial parts industry, auto parts industry, handling and palletizing industry, welding industry, spot welding industry, loading and unloading industry, cutting industry, spraying industry, carving and grinding industry, forging industry, cover beam skeleton sheet welding industry and many other fields



The company has established large sales service centers and technology application centers in Shenzhen, Chongqing, Xiongan New Area and Changsha. The company has a group of experienced and professional R & D team, which can provide professional and timely service and perfect robot application solutions to support customers' demand for production line automation to improve production efficiency, and eliminate users' purchase. Worries about technology and after-sales service


Address: Building B7, Liandong Jinyu Industrial Center, No. 308, Section 2, Maqiaohe Road, Wangcheng District, Changsha City, Hunan Province

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